Preview: A Mystery at JPL

I’m working this week, but am hoping I’ll have time within the next few days to finish relating the experience which marked the beginning of the end, or perhaps the end of the beginning.  I was at JPL when a colleague of mine was working the Spirit glitch of January last year.  He showed me what certainly appeared very strong evidence of faster than light communication.  (I hesitate to use the word “proof” here, since as a scientist that term demands independent verification that was not possible.  But it was effectively proven to me, by its repeatability, by our exclusion of other explanations, and by evidence we found which suggested it was intended.)   Before you get the wrong idea, I am not invoking aliens here! This was surely our “stuff”.  But the event was significant because my notion that I was part of a largely transparent organization was severely damaged.  If this existed and was deployed under everyone’s noses, what else was (out) there?


2 Responses to Preview: A Mystery at JPL

  1. Simon says:

    I’ve been reading your blog with great interest John.

    Might I suggest you get in touch with Dr Steven Greer (MD)? He is the founder of The Disclosure Project and is an expert in this topic as he has interviewed hundreds of Ex-Military/NASA/FAA/CIA etc employees and I believe he and his team would be VERY interested in your testimony, your anonymity can of course be preserved.

    I know for a FACT that what you have discovered is proof of what Dr Greer has been saying all along, that the United States Government is not telling the full story when it comes to their technological capabilities, to say the very least.

    I won’t go into my own theories as to just exactly what your discovery means at this point, as it touches on topics that may well be paradigm shattering for you.

    But please consider my suggestion and thanks for writing your blog!

    – Simon.

  2. John Martin says:


    I also wanted to mention that you’re not the only one that has gone through this. I went through this a couple of years ago when I made a discovery. After contacting a couple of close friends, I realized I should not have used electronics means to do so and I felt the same paranoia. I thought that every cop that passed by the house was looking for me. If it helps, here’s another story that sounds similar to your account and it’s still highly controversial (if it’s true or not):

    http: //

    I hope you take comfort in knowing you are not the only one who has gone through this stage.

    Take care.

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