A Curiosity of Spirit (Part I)

This post is now superseded by A Curiosity of Spirit (FULL DOCUMENT). Please consult and comment on that document.

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  1. Okay, John …
    I love a good mystery. Looking forward to the next installment.
    Oh, and I empathize with the slow fingers bit, my brother. Age has affected my agility in that regard. And, if I may? Although it may be a good facade to hide behind, perhaps … But, honestly? I’m not buying the slow brain thing. In fact your penmanship and grasp of computer engineering is evidence to the contrary.
    In case you are curious … same name on ATS. Cheers!

  2. nick says:


  3. I found many interesting ‘things’ on Mars. From HIRISE, ESA, and especially Spirit Rover. Am on Disclose.tv.com under Marstec, am on youtube.com under Marstec1, my website is http://www.MarsRevealed.com and I am the Executive Producer of Escamilla’s “Moon Rising”.
    Andrew R. Stec

  4. Dave says:

    Very Interesting information if it’s true, I read with an open mind on everything. You use a lot of tech talk which is hard to understand for the layman at times, but the point is there. I think NASA has been hiding infomation since it’s birth. It’s a sad world we live in, at least for the people on the outside of truth. I look forward to reading the follow up.
    An open mind waiting…

  5. m.wolf says:

    very interesting.

  6. Steven says:

    Will you consider contacting kevinsmithshow.com (internet radio)and request to be a guest? I think Kevin would enjoy having you on his show.
    Thanks, I am enjoying your blog.

  7. Exuberant1 says:

    Greetings AstroEngineer,

    Regarding the type of FTL communications technology which may have been in use on with the Spirit rover; do you have any idea whether it was quantum communication system or one which utilizes of High Frequency Gravity Waves? Is there anything which would lead you to think/suspect it may have been one or the other?

    *P.S. Thank you for sharing your story with us here and on ATS. It is very interesting and I hope to hear more of it.

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  9. Sure says:

    Ehm get to the point.. old people like too talk mutch.. i like ur info on ats but tell me more faster! 😀

  10. I have recovered some of the Spirit photos out of here:

    With my skills as digital image technician/trainer for Xerox, I have been able to recognize and identify defects in skew, scale, excessive and inverted contrast, false colors and occulting programs. I have a few prints that show some interesting anomalies which by NASA policy cannot be spoken of or pointed out on pain of termination. My renditions are as honest as I can make them. If you’d like to check them out, here’s at Facebook:
    SLIDE (an older selection)
    PICASA (older selection)

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