A Curiosity of Spirit (Part II)

This post is now superseded by A Curiosity of Spirit (FULL DOCUMENT). Please consult and comment on that document.

<em>This post is now superseded by <a href=”../2010/04/07/a-curiosity-of-spirit-full-document/” target=”_blank”>A Curiosity of Spirit (FULL DOCUMENT)</a>.  Please consult and comment on that document instead of this.</em>

3 Responses to A Curiosity of Spirit (Part II)

  1. p3 says:

    My appreciations for this interesting peace of puzzle… I can’t wait to read the rest, please do hurry:)

  2. Joakim says:

    Just wanted to let you know that I follow this blog and I am really exited about what you have to say!

    And as a fellow software developer (though I’m only 23) I find what you say very interesting and from that I can confirm that you’re probably not just “some guy” making up a story. Well, you could be, but at least you know a great deal about computer engineering.

    So even if there is a lack of comments and there are some disbelievers on ATS don’t let this stop you!

  3. John says:

    This is an interesting story. I am also an engineer in the aerospace industry. I have been in aerospace for about 14 years. I will say that true or not this guy does seem to have the credentials.

    ATS is full of hard core skeptics. By that I mean they are not the true definition of skeptic: believe nothing either way without ample proof. They seem to believe in the negatives quite strongly and you must break their arm off to convince them which still may not even work. Unfortunate since it is technically a conspiracy site. I vehemently believe there is a strong counter-intel presence there as well. And I’m not being paranoid about it.

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