Baseless Attacks

I can’t believe I even need to address this, but I’ve received several messages from people suggesting that Rich and I are merely disgruntled employees pursuing a vendetta against JPL. That is ridiculous. Neither am I going to comment on the specific allegation that he or I are named plaintiffs in the litigation regarding the HSPD-12 implementation at JPL. That’s ridiculous and unfair. Your awareness of that lawsuit clearly shows that you now work or have worked at JPL. The fact that the lawsuit has resulted in an injunction against NASA implementing new HSPD-12 investigations for non-sensitive positions, and the fact that the federal court found NASA had violated employee’s privacy, shows your profound insensitivity on this issue, and that you are on the wrong side of this argument. Several close colleagues and subordinates have had their career path gravely altered by the needlessly personal and intrusive examination of their lives that HSPD-12 required. If you’ve worked at NASA or JPL for any length of time I’m sure you’ve seen that too. If you imagine our national security and national technology secrets are somehow secured by this farcical make-work smokescreen, you are a heartless fool.

As for the suggestions that Rich and I were passed over for MSL, you clearly haven’t read what I’ve said. I was not part of MER and MSL wouldn’t have been the appropriate place for me had I remained at JPL. You have no idea whether or not Rich has moved to MSL, I will neither confirm nor deny that. Even if he hasn’t moved yet, it means nothing. Excellent people remain needed on the MER team for some time to come; there will be plenty of time to transition later.

I am surprised and disappointed by this simplistic attack on our credibility. If you have worked at JPL as it seems, attack me on facts. What have I said that is factually untrue? I am a scientist, I endeavor to separate my personal feelings from the observations I make and the conclusions I draw from them. Those observations and conclusions are what I try to relay here. I wish that you who likely call yourself fellow scientists took the same objective view in debating these points that you do to your science.

I am working to post the conclusion to my journey tomorrow, but I felt I needed to address these allegations now.


16 Responses to Baseless Attacks

  1. richard says:

    John, I saw your postings on ATS and want to say, please keep posting, there are plenty of people out here who wish you all the best and want you to keep up the good work. Ok, that’s an assumption that there are plenty of people who think like me, but I hope it’s not an unreasonable one to make.

    Assholes tend to be more willing to post and to knock you, that’s all. They’re more vociferous – it doesn’t mean there’s more of them.

    All the best, sir,


  2. Joseph says:

    You are a very courageous person, to be doing what you are doing. Don’t let them get to you.

  3. bigfatfurrytexan says:

    You should ignore the naysayers. They are out there. Many are paid to naysay, the rest are just ostrich’s with their head in the sand.

    if you waste your time on them, you take away time from doing something constructive. You have my attention. I am refreshing this site daily looking for updates. Lets get on with the show, and starve the trolls by ignoring them.

  4. R0BCROW75 says:

    Whew! For a moment I thought the bastards shut you down. Keep up the good fight and keep writing- fiction or not I am intrigued!

  5. R0BCROW75 says:

    sorry for a double comment but are you somehow connected to CASPER? Seems someone is using the same name but different twitter name and some of the stuff seems related but I’m no expert. I just know SETI was mentioned. In any case if you are connected to this then know that if I found this THEY will too. Good luck and keep us filled in- this could be the stuff of legend. 🙂

  6. computerguy says:

    Here is a simple pattern that many ATS posts seem to follow:

    1) person starts to tell very interesting story by making few posts and telling that he continues posting little later (yes – the teaser part)

    2) people attack against original poster (“op”) from every side. They question e.g. his sanity and credibility.

    3) op starts to address these attacks. Op hurts his feelings and tells that he will stop posting because people are so bad against him.

    4) op posts less and less often. Posts he make are of two category: i) those which address the attacks ii) those which clarify some points of his earlier posts.

    5) people are waiting him to conclude his story but the op has disappeared…

    Name this pattern anyway you wish but this is what seems to happen there on ATS… My advice? Ignore the naysayers and focus on posting what you have to say. Starting to defend your position is an endless swamp, just don’t get there.

    • Chris says:

      Yep, that’s exactly right. I agree completely, state what you have and forget the attackers. If someone is pestering you on IM, report them to the moderators and ask they be banned.

      It’s one thing to debate the credibility of the story with other community members, it’s another to attack the messenger. Too many on ATS have that confused.

  7. steven says:

    Hi John 🙂 the world is moving into another aspect of being, Your contribution by writing this text is huge. Please continue 🙂 There’s always somebody who has different view – whatsoever… Keep it up! Regards!

  8. wannabecoolio says:

    why dont you just get to the point and finish you thesis!? dude just cut the chase. your blog is lame, your posts on ats were lame. nuff said

  9. Norseman says:

    Many people support you. What you do is important.

  10. Harv says:


    A few minutes ago I found this link on ATS. A poster put it up again, I guess.

    I encourage you to keep up this disclosure work. However, the attacks on ATS are indicative that forces are at work to stop you, and I’m sure that is just the tip of the efforts being made to thwart you and Rich.

    If you and Rich can dig further, check out the latest ESA DSN data from Phobos. Such system will undoubted have been used there also. Phobos has a crucial part in showing genuine signs of intelligence activities the on Mars system.

  11. Chris says:

    Thanks for posting this and keep up the good work. I started following your posts on ATS but much prefer this blog format as it’s much easier to read, both by formatting and exclusion of the piles of garbage responses your information has attracted.

    To any detractors that doubt your sincerity or honesty, I’d challenge them to review all of your posts on ATS — possible with the link under any of your posts — and it should be pretty clear that your positions on issues have been consistent. I also believe your comments such as “getting familiar with the board base before starting new threads”, as your comments seem to support that approach.

    Regardless of who thinks what — I appreciate your candor and courage.


  12. leooel says:

    Now you should post the conclusion thou…

  13. jws says:

    Really interested in the finale here. You said you were going to be posting the conclusions “tomorrow” on the 3rd and it is now the 6th.

  14. Dan H. says:

    Thank you for having the courage to come forward. Hopefully, many more will follow your lead. I anxiously await your continuation of the Spirit event.

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