Reflections on the Space Summit

I am still working on the Guide to Anonymous and Evidenceless Internet and The Feynman Constant. One of my wife’s parents is in from out of town and as you can imagine what little free time I had is being largely consumed with the necessities of maintaining the image of the perfect son-in-law. Fortunately the early risers are now napping, and I have a few minutes.

President Obama’s speech yesterday disappointed me, as it likely disappointed many of you. It was remarkably unremarkable. He said what you would expect someone in his position to say, and no more. And while I agree with what he said, in the need for the sea change that will make space a destination driven by commercial forces rather than governmental ones, I think we all hoped President Obama would challenge us as President Kennedy once had, to “choose… in this decade… [to go to Mars and do the other] things, not because they are easy, but because they are hard, because that goal will serve to organize and measure the best of our [global] energies and skills, because that challenge is one that we are willing to accept, one we are unwilling to postpone, and one which we intend to win…” President Obama had that opportunity, and it looked like he was going to take it; but, he didn’t. While it does not constitute sufficient evidence as yet, the heightened interest being shown in my services in the week leading up to the President’s speech has fallen off markedly. I’ve not received a single contact today or yesterday, compared with the daily calls I had been getting. I cannot but pause and wonder if something changed. Perhaps Obama had another Kennedy-esque speech he planned to deliver, along the lines I originally suggested, but he found it necessary to abort it at the last minute. And if so, what could have altered that course, what could have muted those loftier ambitions?

A more conspiracy minded person than I might believe the answer is found in the Great Midwest Light Show of the night before his speech. They might compare that event to the very different but similarly impressive lights above Norway before Obama’s Nobel Prize speech. They might suggest the fireball seen by hundreds of thousands was a message meant for the President, a repeated reminder to him that others wield great and unopposable power, that others did not agree with his more ambitious plan for space, and for the disclosures which may come from such a program.

It’s a pity I’m not more conspiratorially minded.



9 Responses to Reflections on the Space Summit

  1. Neil says:

    Who do you think could possibly be sending this “powerful” message? Could it be the same people who floated a Pyramid in Moscow and China?

    • I am not sure what to make of those videos. I have been very skeptical of their authenticity. And even if they were true, I am not sure what powers or technologies are being demonstrated in the videos. A government could create a powerful illusion more cheaply than a powerful technology, and the effect on the populace would be the same. I wonder if that’s not what goes on. A government perhaps engaged in an illusion over Phoenix as a means to test a population’s response, or to craft a population’s perception of reality.


  2. Harley A Tompkins says:

    I wish you could figure out a way to get the raw images of the last two panorama pictures that the rover Spirit took.There was one anomaly on one of them that my wife and I found but was missing the last time I downloaded them. Thanks.

  3. sedonadeb says:

    Excellent observation, John. How many coincidences have to happen before they are no longer coincidences?

    • Six, in a row. 🙂 No, I have no idea. At some point it makes more sense to believe than not, but where that point is is entirely subjective. One thought experiment/example I think about is… Somewhere in this big world of billions of people over the past 50 years there has been somewhere who flipped a coin and got heads 50 times in a row. Surely he must have been convinced on each of those latter flips that something marvelous and special was going on, that he was willing the coin, that he could control matter, that god was sending him a message, or that god was playing a joke. But there need be no greater explanation than chance. He was simply the random person that event happened to, and there was nothing more special about him or the event than that. But I doubt he would ever believe it was just luck. I doubt I would if it happened to me. So, I am not sure when something ceases to be just a coincidence and becomes meaningful. I suspect I will know it when it happens, but even then I suspect I will just be fooled by circumstances (though willingly).


  4. Harv says:

    “It’s a pity I’m not more conspiratorially minded.”

    “John” you keep saying that, evidently this whole affair is eating at you. I suspect you are asking yourself: “If this one conspiracy I have found, …are there others?” If that is a call for help, please consider the below, if I misread your confusion, just consider me one of the tin-foil hat people. (I wear it proudly!)

    Now that you have contemplated the reality of SOL communications, the time is ripe for you to consider that the Shuttle, the ISS and all rockets are yesterday’s technology and that null-mass devices must be the answer.

    All you need is a good UFO or black triangle sighting to really upset your world. Such an experience has converted many conventionalist and debunkers.

    I offer this insight: Side-stepping the principles of phsyics is a natural act: Wings defy gravity. UFOs/triangles defy mass.

    • I am still trying to understand and get my head around the claims being made. I have had colleagues who have seen UFOs, and they were sober, knowledgeable, and scientific. I am not sure which online videos to trust, most I view with great suspicion, the Moscow one in particular. But I do not discount the stories of my colleagues, I just don’t yet know how to understand them as true.


  5. werewolf1 says:

    John…take a look the bottom quarter of this image from Mars Orbital Camera (approx center of bottom quarter of strip)…….it kinda looks like a shuttle. In your opinion, is it ours?

    • I’m afraid I am pretty skeptical when it comes to these things, so even if it was 3x larger than the object you identified and looked exactly like our current shuttle I’d still dismiss it as being a coincidentally shaped cloud or rock. If I saw the same thing in several places it would be a different story. I did spot the object you identify (good eyes!) and it does look shuttle-like to me, but again, it would take more than that for me to believe it.

      Of course on the technical front, any shuttle would be a very poor choice for a trip to Mars. It’s just not at all suited for it, and if we start assuming secret new engines, a secret new lander to put in the bay or perhaps a secret landing strip on Mars long enough to handle the much higher speed the shuttle would need coming through the thin atmosphere, then it seems more likely a secret program would have an entirely different secret vehicle and wouldn’t use anything shuttle-like.

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