Paranoia + Precaution = The Dead Man’s Switch

My wife has often accused me of being rather naive. I tend to think the world and all its people are fundamentally good, that evil is simply an aberration, that bad people are just waiting, willing, and eager to be reasoned back to their true goodness. In these respects I admit I am probably an idiot. My wife has joked on more than one occasion that the part of my brain which should be more suspicious of people was used to store an encyclopedic knowledge of Star Trek.

That having been said, I can sometimes find or summon my paranoia and take necessary precautions. Such has been the case with my efforts to share the information I have. But some recent events have made me concerned.

I think it now important that I disclose one additional element of protection I put in place, because only through it being known do I derive the prophylactic benefit I’d hoped I would not need.

Before publishing my stories I put a dead man’s switch script on several anonymous, prepaid servers. If I should fail to contact any of those servers for longer than 30 days, the script will decrypt and send an archive of information out to several dozen former colleagues, several news organizations, as well as several public and private entities likely to be interested and supportive to this cause. The archive contains my personal information, scans of relevant credentials, and scans of critical pages from my notes/journals documenting the topics I am disclosing. The mechanism for extending the delay of the dead man’s switch cannot be reproduced without me and I cannot be coerced into extending it. As anyone who knows me is aware I perform extremely poorly under stress, and the specific mental task required for me to postpone the information delivery has been chosen by me because it is one I cannot perform under stress. (In response to an inquiry about this last item, I have now published Mutable Thought-Memory Method describing some of how this works.).


14 Responses to Paranoia + Precaution = The Dead Man’s Switch

  1. JC says:

    I’m relieved to know such a mechanism is in place. Of course, I am curious as to the recent events that sparked your disclosure of said precautions, but I wouldn’t suggest they be revealed publicly. What I would like to know about, however, is the type of traffic you are seeing to this site. Any interesting .mil or .gov hits?

  2. Troy says:

    Even though I don’t know what it’s like to be in your shoes with the stress and aguish you seem to be going through, I thought it might help to let you know that there are those of us that can at least sympathize with your situation. Maybe I’m the nieve one here, but I can feel for you. Keep on keeping on. You are helping more than yourself here.

  3. Troy says:

    …anguish, doh!!

  4. Leo Murphy says:

    I’ve been reading your posts since you were on Above Top Secret but this is the first time I feel like calling BS! How can you can have something in your brain TPTB couldn’t get you to tell them? I don’t see how that’s possible!


  5. beebs says:


    What? Did I miss something?

    Did TPTB interrogate him?


    I really wish ATS wouldn’t have killed your stay there.

    I started a thread asking them what they plan to do to make sure whistleblowers aren’t blown away again… and they kidnapped the thread and I have no answer.

    So keep doing what you are doing, you must be hitting a nerve somewhere.


  6. John Martin says:

    Hi John,

    Ever since your story came out, it seems like I’ve heard more about quantum entanglement than in the past ten years whether it be in scientific journals or on t.v. Well here is an interesting article that I found strange:


    • Thank you for sharing that. It is truly an interesting time to be alive. I suppose it’s like any other technology that was first developed by a government for military defense/offense or maintaining a population, the information will eventually be available to all, but they’ll keep it their own for as long as they are able.


      • John Martin says:

        Hello John,

        I meant to post the following message under this topic, but I posted it elsewhere by mistake…


        I also wanted to mention that you’re not the only one that has gone through this. I went through this a couple of years ago when I made a discovery. After contacting a couple of close friends, I realized I should not have used electronics means to do so and I felt the same paranoia. I thought that every cop that passed by the house was looking for me. If it helps, here’s another story that sounds similar to your account and it’s still highly controversial (if it’s true or not):

        http: //

        I hope you take comfort in knowing you are not the only one who has gone through this stage. Does the above story have any ring of truth to it?

        Take care.”

      • Thanks for this, truly interesting stuff! His inclusion of document scans depicting the “language” he was working with show it to be an absolutely brilliant and beautiful hoax or stunningly real. I’m not sure which. I wish I had the time to truly study the scans he has posted to see whether the diagrammatic language stands up to a thorough, logical inspection. I have to believe if this was the work of an artist and not truly something functional it would pretty quickly fail any sort of detailed analysis. Artists aren’t likely to imbue a work with the necessary internal consistency and formalism that would be necessary for something to be functional. I wonder if anyone has done such an analysis on these?


      • Gabo says:

        very interesting stuff John Martin. As an industrial designer I see that the images and the data provided by Issac is very detailed yet could be produced by a small team of people if they were determined enough to fake something like this. It would take a good amount of brainstorming sessions with intelligent qualified people, a couple of people with a proficiency in 3D rendering to fake the images and writers and artists to type up the documents and make them look real. Hollywood is perfect at these types of things. The images did look like they could be CAD renderings, but an impressively good render, sometimes it’s impossible to tell apart computer generated images from photographs of certain smooth objects in light-tent situations

        The only thing that stood out as a “wow” was the “language” graphics. they looked like atoms and wavelengths; and I dont know enough about math to understand how the “languange” actually works. It makes sense to me that alien technology would be this mind boggling (it is almost too wild to be made solely based on fiction). Yet maybe the graphics are just that, graphics made by a professional graphic designer.

        Once the team had all of the material they could go viral on the internet, that’s the easy part. but what would they gain from all this? maybe underground notoriety with the California designers and artists scene.

        Maybe it’s all true thought, it could have possibly been designed to be that way, that is why its so impressive.


      • John Martin says:

        I only presented to you the previous account because it ties in with my discovery. I have latched on to your story because I saw the disinformants come out in full force, just as they did when I tried to relay my own discovery.
        Both accounts only show how compartmentalized these projects are, and how successful they are at achieving this. Albeit the occasional slip of the tounge. 😉
        As more and more of the baby boomer generation gets into retirement age, we will see more and more heavy hearts and minds coming forward to reveal their secrets. Only time will tell…that is if time is still relevenant.

  7. David says:

    The Isaac CARET videos are definitely rendered, IMO. It’s not hard to tell – they are very well done, but the movement of the objects belies they are not real.

    As for the languages, a good conlanger (someone who constructs languages – get it, con-lang) could develop a very realistic, structurally valid language pretty easily. It’s been done for movies and TV many times. First for Star Wars, by the famous author Sir Anthony Burgess, who wrote “A Clockwork Orange,” and later and most famously with Klingon for Star Trek. More recently one has been created for the upcoming HBO series, “Game of Thrones,” called Dothraki. In the books the show is based on the language was only hinted at, but HBO hired a professional linguist to take what was there and build a whole language for it. There is even a conlanging society, check it out:

    More info on Dothraki:

    This whole Isaac/CARET conspiracy was actually brought into the TV show “Terminator: The Sarah Conner Chronicles” as a major plot element. That was done later, after it had been on the net for a year or two. The writers must have found this stuff online and found a fun way to work it into the plot. The UFOs are supposed to be first generation of what would later become the big Skynet robot craft seen in the movies.

    • John Martin says:

      Hello David,

      I have actually looked into the colanger aspect of the Isaac CARET story. It does not fit into what I walked into 2 years ago. In a well-reknowed institution of higher learning I saw something that would be akin to Isaac Asimov’s idea of psychohistory. Do not ask me where, when, or why. I am not as cautious as Astroengineer.

      Take care.

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