WikiLeaks: Preparing Us for ET Disclosure

Let me be clear, I am not yet convinced that UFOs have ever had extra-terrestrial origins.  Neither do I necessarily deny the very honestly believed and very hard to dismiss accounts of the many credible people (including family and friends) whose encounters, experiences defy my ability to offer alternative explanations.  My problem is simply that I find myself presented with two seemingly equally implausible scenarios and asked to choose. It feels more a matter of faith than a matter of reason. Do I believe:

1) ETs are interacting with our planet and its people in ways which seem to make little sense to me (widely varied interactions, widely varied interactors).

2) Sane, healthy, right-functioning individuals are having imagined experiences which are generally considered only possible among those who are insane, unhealthy, dysfunctional.

I have neither the knowledge/evidence to confirm the first option nor the theoretical/clinical psychology background to venture more than a guess about the second option.

But, if we take the first option as a working hypothesis, that there are ETs who interact with planet Earth and its people, and if we include in that hypothesis the fairly small leap that if such a thing were truth the governments of the world would likely have the resources to have become aware of it, then in this new age of WikiLeaks I can easily see how disclosure could come any day. I can imagine people suggesting there is a disclosure agenda underway would point to the massive disclosure of secret government documents as proof that the mechanism for UFO disclosure has now been established. The
pump has been primed, the people and the press have been taught to accept WikiLeaks as a true, reliable source for leaked information. The government has not seriously denied the authenticity of the leaked documents, the media has not denied the authenticity of the leaked documents, the public has not seriously denied the authenticity of the leaked documents. Had the first caches of documents released by WikiLeaks pertained to a UFO agenda you can easily imagine the response, complete and total denial of authenticity, no matter the actual content; the mainstream media and public would not be willing to give the contents a serious look. If there is to be a UFO disclosure it’s easy to see how WikiLeaks would be ideal for that purpose. Perhaps the documents Julian Assange threatens to release if he is made to face US prosecution are not merely a continuation of the USA’s terrestrial turmoils but something quite different.

If I were to allow myself faith enough to presume ETs were here then my prediction for the new year (or the new years which follow) would be that the government will disclosure their existence via this new international vehicle of disclosure, WikiLeaks. Of course whether that disclosure is the result of individuals with conscience or a global elite manipulating our perceptions for their ends is a matter for a separate leap of faith.


3 Responses to WikiLeaks: Preparing Us for ET Disclosure

  1. SaturnFX says:

    hey John. in regards to this post (good to see your posting more as of late), I imagine you will quite enjoy this article by one of my favorite internet thinkers

    seems you may not be far off overall..but I think it is just a slow conditioning that has been going on for quite awhile and will continue for awhile still.

    would be interesting to get your perspective on things once your done the article…see what sort of connections you can make

  2. Interesting stuff, thanks for directing my attention at it. I had not seen that site before. I do not as yet know what to make of it, having only sampled a bit of it, I’ll try to delve into it more deeply. I’m having to review a last minute influx of consulting offers related to clients wanting to use up their budgets (by at least signing contracts) before the year is out.

  3. David says:

    Not going to speculate on UFO disclosure, but I have for a while now had my suspicions that Wikileaks might be something less than an autonomous organization. None of the stuff that they have released so far, near as I can tell, is anything more than mildly embarrasing in a diplomatic sense. The big “revelations” that got reported: the State Dept. think Kim Jong Il is a weirdo, none of the Arab leaders want a powerful Iran, the State Dept. has a low opinion of Sarkozy…wasn’t that about the worst of it? That’s gossip, not government secrets and only one of those three examples was even remotely a “revelation.”

    Also, Julian Assange – he almost seems too perfect a concoction to be real. Like has often been joked, he’s like a living Bond villain – his name, his looks, how he’s supposedly totally f-ing up the plans of multiple major world governments? I’m not normally given to conspiracy stuff, but he just looks to me like a wonderful front for a part of another kind of operation.

    What the final purpose of Wikileaks might be, I don’t know. Maybe it was just meant as a way to get that embarrassing stuff out about governments we either already don’t like or even allies we are annoyed with? Maybe it’s something more, like alien disclosure, who knows. But I think it’s highly likely that it’s not what it’s been portrayed to be.

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