Why I No Longer Post on Above Top Secret

April 10, 2010

I have been asked several times why I stopped posting on Above Top Secret.  The mods at Above Top Secret surely must have a difficult job to do if the reaction I got from my postings is any indication. I don’t envy them that role.  Having said that, they have closed the only two threads I have started. In both cases preventing me from responding. This lack of response from me has then been used by many members of ATS as a basis for criticism of me. Also, in explaining the last thread closure it was vaguely explained by a moderator that the thread was closed because I failed to provide information as promised. This has been interpreted by many ATS users to mean that mods had asked me for proof of my professional pedigree and I had failed to deliver. That is wholly untrue. I received no such request from mods. They must have been referring to my inability to produce the story of my last experience quickly enough for the audience. That seems to me rather unfair. I was producing the document as quickly as I was able. Closing that thread and making that statement only furthered a negative perception of me.

They have intentionally or unintentionally made it impossible for me to fruitfully participate on ATS at this time. Perhaps I will be able to again in the future, I would hope so.   They are likely well intentioned, I have no reason to suspect otherwise, I just can’t imagine my participation within that community at this time would be welcomed or rewarding.