My Field

March 21, 2010

I should clarify my background.  My particular expertise isn’t aerospace engineering, but software engineering for aerospace.  There’s overlap, but the distinction is important.  I’ve worked on (and led) software projects developing flight control systems for vehicles, as well as software which modeled the flights/behaviors of vehicles.  But, there’s a difference between implementing the logic and math provided you by the science teams in functional requirement documents and functional specs and actually speaking the aerospace language natively.  At best I can “get by” in that tongue.  That said, hobby rocketry has been at times an avocation; I’ve been involved in various clubs, sadly not everywhere I’ve lived has been conducive to launching the larger variety of home built rockets.  So I have at times had to do some of the basic computations of flight myself, as needed to alter our propellant formulas and correct vehicle design.