Who is right about NASA?

March 24, 2010

On ATS I was recently asked:

Who do you believe is closest to the truth about what NASA hides from us?

The answer will be complicated by the fact that unlike most people reading this post, outside of NASA I really don’t know who believes what about NASA. The only exception to that is Dick Hoagland. As I mentioned in a previous post, I met him once back when he spoke at the Glenn Research Center in the early nineties. He was putting on a presentation on the Mars face. That was the end of my awareness of Hoagland until this past Christmas when my son mentioned listening to a clip of Dick’s on YouTube about the Nazis inside NASA.

I Googled Hoagland soon after my son mentioned him and discovered that he’s not been idle these last twenty years. He recently put out a book called Dark Mission: The Secret History of NASA. I read the Amazon summary and a review or two there, but haven’t actually read the book. I would love to see what he knows or thinks he knows, but now is not the right time for that. I’m concerned that reading his book would subtly prejudice my own recollections, and I’m not far enough along in committing my own memories to paper to risk that.

From what I gathered about the book, it posits that NASA has been guided over its lifetime by masonic elements, Nazi elements, and those with some sort of religious/occult ties to Parsons/Crowley. As bizarre as that sounds, I believe there is some truth to it. A review suggested Hoagland was basing his conclusion largely on symbolic meanings he believes he found in key NASA events like launch dates; I can’t speak to the veracity of that claim. My own knowledge stems from some of the people I knew, and elements of their personalities and activities which suggested other forces were dominant in their lives, skewing their professional judgment.

There are influences within NASA that are not guided by purely scientific interests, but whose theories are closest to the truth, I am not entirely sure what the truth is, nor who believes what about it.