Why I No Longer Post on Above Top Secret

I have been asked several times why I stopped posting on Above Top Secret.  The mods at Above Top Secret surely must have a difficult job to do if the reaction I got from my postings is any indication. I don’t envy them that role.  Having said that, they have closed the only two threads I have started. In both cases preventing me from responding. This lack of response from me has then been used by many members of ATS as a basis for criticism of me. Also, in explaining the last thread closure it was vaguely explained by a moderator that the thread was closed because I failed to provide information as promised. This has been interpreted by many ATS users to mean that mods had asked me for proof of my professional pedigree and I had failed to deliver. That is wholly untrue. I received no such request from mods. They must have been referring to my inability to produce the story of my last experience quickly enough for the audience. That seems to me rather unfair. I was producing the document as quickly as I was able. Closing that thread and making that statement only furthered a negative perception of me.

They have intentionally or unintentionally made it impossible for me to fruitfully participate on ATS at this time. Perhaps I will be able to again in the future, I would hope so.   They are likely well intentioned, I have no reason to suspect otherwise, I just can’t imagine my participation within that community at this time would be welcomed or rewarding.

14 Responses to Why I No Longer Post on Above Top Secret

  1. bigfatfurrytexan says:

    Being a long standing member of ATS, i can attest to some of the abject ignorance among some of the members. But there are many more who are enriching to my mind.

    I, for one, would welcome your return.

  2. EvilBat says:

    I have been a member at ats for a while.
    While I was reading your thread, as you said you are NOT going to show who you are at the beginning.
    I respect that, others on the forum should also respect that.

    I have seen good threads go to waste because how people act, I have seen moves made by people that didn’t seam right and in this case it is not right.

    I will continue to read from your site.

    Thanks for the info

  3. Son of Will says:

    ATS is quite a strange community. I joined just this February and have been both greatly impressed, and greatly offended by the attitudes there.

    As I’ve come to understand it, specific types of information attract comments from specific types of people. When it comes to whistleblowing to any degree, you’ll attract people who read a LOT of stories of government agencies hiding *insert conspiracy here*. The amount of internet banter about these things is staggering.

    ATS is publicized as a conspiracy forum. True. It is a great place for average people to compare and contrast ideas on all sorts of government conspiracies. Many of the threads specifically regard NASA conspiracies.

    But when someone claims to be a government or NASA employee, many people see somebody taking advantage of some (as yet unproven) beliefs that they hold very dear. You really have to dwell outside the system to grasp the emotional investment that people have in these conspiracies.

    Take myself for example. I’m 25 now. When I was 10, my cousin emailed me a wild story about Project Montauk. Got me thinking. Then I read Whitley Strieber’s ‘Communion’ when I was 11. That’s basically a first-hand account of the abduction phenomenon. Blew my mind. I believed it (because it was obvious that he believed it). That effectively dissolved my foundation. Long story short, I have an emotional investment in there being “something” going on up there… I’m guessing others feel similarly.

    It’s crazy, but when someone like yourself claims to have something that would validate something so dear to us, it can actually arouse contempt. I’m sorry you were not given the benefit of the doubt, and the logic/motivation of the moderators escapes me. I’m glad you finished your story, thank you. I digested everything I could, and was glad to see that experts have corroborated the internal consistency of it.

  4. R0BCROW75 says:

    I’m sorry about the crap you got from ATS.All I can say in regards to that is that I’ve kinda developed a funny feeling about them. I stopped posting when a girl posted something related to MKULTRA and project Monarch and then her thread lead to something that hit too close to home.
    It’s a shame that the one (probably legit) person to come around in awhile is chased off. Makes me a little paranoid. Good luck to you and thanks for giving us a good story. Fiction or not I enjoyed your style of writing.

  5. Steven says:

    You may want to check out Open Minds Forum. I’m enjoying your blog, thanks for posting.

  6. irishgrl says:

    Ive been blocked from posting there because I had the nerve to argue with someone who I suspect was a mod favorite. That was the first time. The 2nd time, I was blocked from even logging in because I sent a PM to a particularly *ahem* incendiary poster who said made an outrageous claim. Apparently rather than answer me, he complained and voila, no more email ability. Thus I dont even go there because its too irritating to read some of that stuff without wanting to respond. The site used to be good so many years ago, but I’d say within the last 3-5 years, its gone downhill, and obvious favoritism is rampant. JMO.

  7. Peloquin says:

    Good Day!

    First of all: A big thankyou, Sir, for the great work you have done! Although I dind’t understand every technical detail you wrote about, I understood, that you really are up to something. And keeping in mind, that you took some significant risks on you to bring this story out, I have to thankyou even more, and I wish you the best that your efforts won’t harm you!

    In regards of your ATS-Hiatus: I’m also an ATS Member, and I don’t fully understand why your thread got closed, but I’m pretty sure, that the number of people that would applaud your return to ATS to tell your story to it’s end is much higher than the number of people who won’t.

    In fact it’s like that – ATS is no different than any other community: It’s full of people of any kind. There are nice people, and there are idiots. Sadly, it were the idiots who seem to have had the last words in your thread.

    If I got it right, the mods left the possibility open to reopen the thread if you assure them to continue with your story, so that the thread could return on topic (I think this was the main reason that it got closed, that it got too much off topic in your abscence).

    But if you decide to return to ATS or not – once more thank you for your efforts and the great work you’ve done. There are people who do appreciate this.

    And now I’m going to read, if my assumptions, that I made after having read part III of your story, are correct.

    That there’s someone who like’s to have a little preview of the things to come to decide if they’re allowed to get out…

    greetings and best wishes from Germany,

  8. Joakim says:

    ATS is a playground for persons with below average intelligence, I too was also a member there but I just couldn’t stand all the stupid people anymore (what good can ever come out of ANY discussions there?!). Neither did I like the moderators who almost saw themselves godlike (which site I could crash using just my laptop btw). And worst of all is that the mods was almost in love with John Lear, the idiot who talked about a forest on the moon and whatnot.

    Serious people should try to find themselves some other community (maybe somewhere with the age of the average member being over 14), at least that’s what I think.

    So just forget about ATS, they can thank themselves.

  9. I really do understand your frustration about what ATS has become.

    I was one of the first hundred having registered for the site before it was actually fully up and running.

    I have seen it go from a interesting site with lively discussion to nothing more than a chat site for teenagers.

    I am retired military with a occupational specialty and a secret clearance that put me in a position to be part of and observe enough to know that what appears to be the truth is far from it.

    A significant amount is actually put out to the public, but they are to stupid to connect the dots.

    I was wanting to disclose some of what I know to “Deny Ignorance”so to speak but that is not the forum to do so.

    I am like you attempting to document what I have seen and done and how it relates to what is happening and how history is publicly flawed.

    Good read and I believe your story completely.

  10. MKULTRA AGENT says:

    You are breaking the rules Mark.

    We found you.

  11. A.E. Ally says:


    Many thanks for what you’re doing.
    ATS can be a rough (and rather ignorant crowd)
    (ironic huh?) Deny what, people?
    However, there are many brilliant, open minded people
    (and some “so open their brains are falling out”) lol

    The majority of people there (whether it seemed like it or not)
    Were right with you.
    Im sorry their is still soo much ignorance,
    and that you had to experience it.

    Please, ‘keep on keepin on’, brother.
    and stay safe, There are allot of soulless, empty, scared little people running around right now. 🙂

    Nice work mate.
    Karma and Blessings to you friend.

    • Thank you. I understand that ATS is a mixed bag. I think the mods do the best job they can to control the chaos. And many people there were kind enough to me. I do not begrudge those who were skeptical their skepticism, or even their passion. I do not feel upset or badly towards ATS, it simply became clear that participation there was not possible. I had become too controversial, either because of what I said or how I said it.


  12. Vasilis says:

    ATS is run by British intel.

  13. Blazer says:

    I just checked your blog for the first time since reading your first post, and find many of the things you have written about very interesting.

    I hope you don’t mind, but I made a post on ATS saying the same, and suggested that your blog was worth a read: http://www.abovetopsecret.com/forum/thread577287/pg1

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