Finding Meaning in the Midwest Light Show

April 15, 2010

I believe that meaning is often misread into coincidence.  That said, if my mind worked a slightly different sort of way, I would have easily read quite a lot of significance into the light show I woke up to on the morning news.

On the eve of a space summit where President Obama will try to restore the excitement in America and its aerospace industry about the wonders of space through a shift to a private, commercial space program, and through a shift from a trip from our moon to nearby asteroids, Mars, and Martian moons, the entire midwest gets treated to one of the largest and most exciting light shows seen in modern days.

And it is interesting to note that this occurred at a time when the space shuttle is in orbit and could have easy deployed something that would fall into the atmosphere and create such a light show, all for the cost of a little well timed jetsam.

But, my brain doesn’t work like that.  And that’s a pity.  It’s a very appealing curiosity.

Watch the Amazing Video